Cardboard Is The US Household Preference

In an attempt to minimize the presence of plastic, which, if disposed of incorrectly, causes considerable damage to the environment, the search for alternative packaging has grown – cardboard boxes. Recent research carried out by Two Sides, a non-profit organization operating on five continents, found that packaging influences the purchase decision.

The survey showed that four out of ten respondents prefer paper. Because they consider it the best for nature because it is easier to recycle and lighter. Offering greater practicality and being a material for safe use.

American companies specializing in developing and manufacturing cardboard boxes and corrugated cardboard accessories have seen growing demand for their products.

Much of the demand comes from the food sector. In addition to sustainability – the decomposition of cardboard takes about six months. Plastic can take up to 450 years. Another reason that leads to the preference for this product is the quality that the material has for the conservation of products. Especially those of fruit and vegetables.

For fruits and vegetables, for example, corrugated cardboard packaging has a unique feature, which is padding. Preventing the products from being damaged during transport or handling. This product, for example, has high stacking strength.

Space, weight, and price optimization

Still, on the virtues of the cardboard box, vegetables allocated in this type of packaging take up less storage space, and the boxes are assembled according to the customer’s needs. It is possible to transport a volume of product up to 25% greater with cardboard boxes.

Another highlight is the weight of the box – much lighter. While plastic or wooden box can weigh up to three kilos, a cardboard box does not exceed 800 grams. The cost is also advantageous, making it more affordable for those who choose this choice.

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